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Established December 13, 2016
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Terms of Services (TOS)

Whenever you see FJWI, it refers to the company that owns this site, FJ World Inc. Also, this specific site may be referred to as EPT, ePayTraffic.

1.0 Membership

1.1 By registering for EPT you agree that you have read these terms and you accept all stated terms and conditions for maintaining a valid membership.

1.2 You may use our services for free.

1.3 Failure to comply with our TOS is grounds for suspending your account.

1.5 A suspended account will be reviewed and a decision will be made as per requiring a permanent deletion.

2.0 Advertising

Before submitting a URL to EPT, please read these rules very carefully and make sure your URL does not violate any of them. If you violate any of these rules, your site will likely be deleted and any credits assigned to them could also be deleted. Do not put your EPT account at risk by failing to get informed before you do something that you are not sure is allowable.

Note: It is recommended that you submit your url and wait for approval before you add any credits to your campaign.

2.1 No sites with obvious illegal content or suspicious activity and/or program designed to con people out of their hard earned money. FJWI reviews the value of countless sites and program and in doing so it will restrict advertising based on the companys due diligent process.

2.2 No frame-breaking sites.

2.3 No viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, dead pages, poor response pages or any directions to or method used to direct one to a location that is suspicious of wrong doing.

2.4 No sexual content that could be perceived as pornographic.

2.5 Some third party rotators are allowed. EPT configured rotators are available and preferred.

2.6 EPT has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate, questionable, reported as abusing these TOS, conflicts with a site promoted by FJWI or does not appear to have any value other than to mislead our membership.

2.7 As part of managing the effective and safe viewing of ad campaigns on our network, MQS Approved links are recommended. Our advertising and marketing services are growing so new tools are being developed to best serve our customers. Your advertised link does not need to be in our MQS database to be able to advertise on EPT surfing pages. It is recommended that you get more familiar with MQS to maximize your advertising and earning potential within our network.

3.0 Project Reward Program

FJWI is a for profit corporation. The company is registered as a legal entity in Canada and its primary business activity is in Real Estate, Investing, Advertising and Marketing. The company uses a portion of its sales to help grow several project portfolios. Members of EPT have the opportunity to earn income from these managed portfolios in the following ways.

3.1 Commission earned as a result of a referral purchase may be converted to units of a specified project portfolio.

3.2 Purchases made on some products and services may contribute to increasing the number of units of a specified portfolio.

3.3 Members have the opportunity to purchase additional units of a specified portfolio.

3.4 Any units earned or purchased carry no guarantee of any return to the member. Actual returns are based on the overall performance of the specified portfolio.

3.5 FJWI has set a target of 20% annualized return on units held by members. For example, a member earns or purchases 100 units at $1.00 per unit of a specified portfolio amounting to $100.00 as their benchmark on the project timeline. Within 12 months, FJWI has the option to buy back the project units if the unit value has increased by twenty percent or more. Otherwise the unit may be traded using the provided trading platform.