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A preferred site contributing to our membership loyalty program.

Please Read Our Terms of Service (TOS) before you signup.

If you do not receive your activation email, please make sure you whitelist on your mail service. The sooner you join and become an active member, the sooner we can start working together. So a valid and working email is a must. If you use an auto-responder or an invalid email your account will be deleted.

Very Important: Our Pay for Performance offers start on the day you create an account. This is important because our system tracks daily activities and for every day you are not active it will reduce the amount of performance bonus you can receive.

Very, Very Important: You will be presented with a One Time Offer(OTO) to take a position in our Revenue Sharing Portfolio the first time you log into your account. Many people join TE sites and automatically pass on OTO's. If you do not take time to read our offers it is possible that you will miss the easiest way to make money from our member reward program. You can always contact FJ before creating an account if you need more time to build trust with FJ World Inc.

Effective April 18, 2019: In addition to accepting our TOS as part of our sign-up process, all members will be required to accept our Know Your Customer Policy (KYCP). Our KYCP is presented to members that are currently logged into their account.
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