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Welcome to ePayTraffic client pages. This advertising service is about creating a customized web page to advertise member/client content. We have many ideas to implement but for now, as of April 12, 2022 the page design must be done via working with our support team. When you have a custom client page, it is linked to your ePayTraffic affiliate id. That means our integrated system can drive traffic to your customized page from many sources.

This default client page demonstrates the very basic structure of your member page. The content is stored in a database so you only have to populate a few basic html form elements to get your page online. The content of this paragraph is stored in a database field called textbox2. The above paragraph is textbox1 and at the bottom of the page is textbox3. At the top of the page is your heading and sub-heading. At the top left is an image linked to your main site. Remember this is the default layout and configuration. Our system is designed to provide lots of flexibility and scalability. Some configuration settings are system wide and some are specific to a client. And you do not need to complete all the form elements. Maybe you just need one image in the center of the page with a link. Now have a look at the three text links below. Again, these are optional. The banner ads at the bottom right of the page are system advertising zones. Depending on the required customization, the banners can be removed or substituted. We can also help make the page a standalone page with its own domain name. A one page website complete with tracking, we can do it!

Default text link #1
Default text link #2
Default text link #3


page_desc is a textbox container used to describe the purpose of this web page. The page_name is a short easily identifiable name that the designer manages. These two data elements do not have to be visible.

This is the default content for textbox #3. Our goal is to create templates with various layouts for these html elements, complete with css styling based on member configuration settings.