Project ePayTraffic Trading System (PEPT)

Be part of a unique traffic trading journey that has evolved from a passion to learn before earning from a manual traffic exchange technology. Our Project ePayTraffic (PEPT) site is foundational and continuously improving on traffic exchanging programs and services necessary to meet the ever increasing demand of online activities. Please make some time to look around our site. Follow our links. We advertise, promote and collaborate with many sites all over the world. Today is a visionary time for all serious earners who are committed to improving their wellness from online activities.

The above banner ads are displayed on many website pages. You can managed your own banner ad campaigns from your dashboard once you log into your trading account.

What We Offer

Hosting and Web Development

Offering low cost hosting for websites, pages, images and customized content to support personal, professional and small online business enterprises.

Advertising and Marketing

Providing advertising zones on a network of sites. You can manage your own advertising campaigns or we can take care of that as well.


Systems, programs and processes that builds trust, loyalty and best practices for your online business. A mutually beneficial relationship.


Offering opportunities for generating multiple income streams from various online activities.

Service Plans

All service plans are covered by Service Level Agreements (SLA's). More information on our Income, Pro and Club plans may be found on our club website at IncomePro.Club

  • Income
  • Member Scope
  • No Email
  • No Domain
  • Service-Based SLA
  • $ 0.00

    per month
  • Pro
  • Trade Scope
  • No Email
  • No Domain
  • Customer-Based SLA
  • $ 12.50

    or less per month
  • Club
  • Workspace Scope
  • Yes Email
  • Yes Domain
  • Multi-Level SLA
  • $ 18.00

    or more per month

Jacques, Jack (FJ)

President & Founder

President of FJ World Inc. The organization that owns and manages this site in addition to other sites and related programs.