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Our trading system is continuously growing to meet the needs of ePayTraffic members as well as members across many traffic exchange sites. We invite you to follow this page so you can maximize your time and value in using traffic exchange sites. You do not have to be a member of ePayTraffic to get value from our trading system. However, being an ePayTraffic member will give you access to more valueable tools and opportunities designed to help you with your online earnings.

Working Together

The links presented to you are referral links from FJ World Inc. Becoming a member of these sites using the provided links is a way of working with FJ World Inc in growing a Revenue Sharing Portfolio that generates traffic, referral leads and earnings for ePayTraffic members. Our revenue sharing program incorporates a Member Quality Scorecard (MQS) used to reward members based on measureable quality contribution.


Click on a tab link below to get details regarding our grouping of sites.

Food Game

Food Game is a popular site designed to get members surfing select sites to earn food items, gold and more.

The Food Game banner

When you click the above banner a new window will open where you can click the signup link for the site. You should notice that your referrer is FJ World Inc, Jack Arseneault or Jacques Arseneault. This is similar for all the links provided in the searchable table below. Note that the default sort order is based on the Food Game "A la minute" schedule. The list are valid sites for the "Smorgasbord" bonus.

Partner Sites - Last Updated January 6, 2021

The data presented is a query from a database designed and populated by FJWI.

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# Site Name Site URL Time
1 Busy Beaver Traffic https://busybeavertraffic.ws/?rid=256 01:00
2 Coffee Hits https://coffee-hits.com/?rid=117 01:40
3 Global Hits 2 U https://globalhits2u.com/?rid=3840 02:00
4 Egyptian Surf https://egyptiansurf.com/?rid=330 03:00
5 Hungry For Hits https://hungryforhits.com/?rid=3703 04:00
6 Vikings Hits https://vikingshits.com/?rid=334 04:20
7 TE Results https://te-results.com/?rid=6749 04:40
8 Finest Traffic https://finesttraffic.com/?rid=1363 05:00
9 Warriors TE https://warriorste.club/?rid=228 05:40
10 Your PTC Biz https://yourptcbiz.com/?rid=1326 06:20
11 The Happy Pig Country https://thehappypigcountry.com/?rid=3654 07:00
12 Surfing Champions https://surfingchampions.com/?rid=167 07:20
13 Fast n Furious Traffic https://fastnfurioustraffic.com/?rid=548 07:40
14 ePayTraffic https://epaytraffic.com/?rid=3 08:20
15 Our Advertising Club https://ouradvertising.club/?rid=418 08:40
16 Traffic Speedway https://trafficspeedway.com/?rid=13477 09:00
17 Hits Voodoo https://hitsvoodoo.com/?rid=184 10:00
18 Bunny Hits https://bunnyhits.com/?rid=254 10:40
19 Rewards 4 Surfing https://rewards4surfing.com/?rid=5330 11:20
20 Clown Hits https://clownhits.com/?rid=102 12:40
21 Love My Traffic https://lovemytraffic.com/?rid=227 13:00
22 TE Society https://tesociety.com/?rid=129 13:20
23 Mousumi Traffic https://mousumitraffic.com/?rid=3316 13:40
24 Traffic Splash https://traffic-splash.com/?rid=194793 14:00
25 Orbital Traffic https://orbitaltraffic.com/?rid=2961 14:20
26 Postman Hits https://postmanhits.com/?rid=598 14:40
27 Fairy Surf https://fairysurf.com/?rid=61 15:00
28 TE Search http://tesearch.com/?rid=3653 15:20
29 You 2 Surf http://you2surf.com/?rid=2848 16:00
30 Ant Surf https://antsurf.com/?rid=459 16:20
31 Sporky Hits https://sporkyhits.com/?rid=1465 16:40
32 Surfing Happy https://surfinghappy.rocks/?rid=122 17:00
33 Military Hits https://militaryhits.net/?rid=195 17:20
34 Transit Hits https://transithits.com/?rid=778 17:40
35 Quarterly Surf https://quarterlysurf.com/?rid=3957 18:00
36 2 Prosper U Traffic https://2prosperutraffic.com/?rid=137 18:20
37 50 Miles https://50miles.org/?rid=5876 18:40
38 Surf 4 Quality https://surf4quality.com/?rid=4397 19:00
39 Just Good Traffic https://justgoodtraffic.com/?rid=6342 19:20
40 Tweetyfied Surf https://tweetyfied-surf.com/?rid=1051 19:40
41 Members Rule https://membersrule.com/?rid=209718 20:00
42 Krazy Exchange https://krazyexchange.com/?rid=68094 20:20
43 Traffic Pond http://traffic-pond.com/?rid=133 20:40
44 Bizzy Bee TE https://bizzybeete.com/?rid=1271 21:00
45 Hits and List Cafe https://hitsandlistcafe.com/?rid=8654 21:20