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"We trade more than just traffic."

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At ePayTraffic, our system is designed to give members a much broader exposer of their ad campaigns. We are a lot more than your typical manual traffic exchange site. For example, above are a few Member Performance Ads from some of our members. If you have a Performance Ad campaign with some credits assigned you can get some free views. These views do not use any advertising credits from members. Who does that? Only ePayTraffic does! We advertise all over the world for you at no extra cost to you. Let's Work Together. Learn before you earn. Don't miss out on our Performance Ad Reward Program. You will need to be logged into your account to see the stats on your ad campaign.
Go ahead and click on the banners advertised by our members. These banners can be displayed on any site and they can easily be configured by site owners to display from a selection of banners they control and manage. The member banner impressions can be earned from collecting badges on Viral Traffic Game, collecting Performance Points on ePayTraffic or traded on ePayTraffic Trading System. Collecting badges and performance points can be a lot of fun. A game that pays. Like Albert Einstein once said, "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play better than anyone else." There is a lot of truth to that statement and it is the foundation of a unique business model being built by FJWI. Please read on and check out the many ways you can play the online business game and be rewarded for having fun.
Message from Founder I believe in and follow a practice built on core values. Honesty, trust but verify, loyalty, knowledge, facts, respect, professionalism; these are qualities that will become evident as we build our business relationship. So let's get started and work together for a mutual benefit. FJ, October 3, 2019

When people share and work together you create synergy. Follow our site footer link for ongoing Opportunities & Incentives designed to help online income earners. I will be sharing more products and services that can greatly influence your life in a positive way. Stay connected while you continue your online income producing journey.

In the many years of being online and focused at generating some extra cash from my time, I have come to realize the full enjoyment of playing and the by-product of my fun being some extra cash to help pay some bills. Let me introduce you to some clicking fun that pays.

The following membership sites have a large and active following. Members are rewarded for collecting things and doing things. Think of these things as a task that pays you while multi-tasking in front of your favorite devices. The sites are a great way to exchange traffic within a very focused community. Your goal is to show them your attention grabbing page. At least long enough and often enough to change their daily routine just enough to make it worth their time to share something with you. It's a relationship building activity so I encourage you to explore the following sites using FJ World Inc referral links. FJ has been clicking online for many years. He has refined many tools, techniques and strategies that may boost your existing online earning potential.

PromoSlice Affiliate Tools

The Food Game banner

Now the above sites are best categorized as a platform since they are of greater value because of the network they have created. They want and need other site owners that are willing to pay a fee to tap into their network of sites. Sites that are the backbone of many online business. Micro-enterprises for the most part. Cash flows from all those micro needs can add up quickly if you learn before you earn.

A Micro-Enterprise, like FJ World Inc is demonstrating with this site, ePayTraffic. FJWI is also into Real Estate and Investments but it's online project, ePayTraffic is all about serving the online needs of individuals and micro-enterprises. As you learn more about the tools and technologies being built by FJWI to serve the Manual Traffic Exchange consumer, you will hopefully consider a shift in your daily click activity. For example, FJWI has built a tool that will greatly improve your click performance which is very valuable for members that do a lot of collecting of things when surfing many sites. Members of ePayTraffic can download a small application call Mouse Tab Changer. It is a great example of a productivity tool that will cause a positive shift in your online activity. A shift that will lead to a more reliable source of online income. This is where FJ is sharing his knowledge that is growing everyday just because he likes to build long lasting relationships with people. People who value a healthy online activity and are very focused on achieving a valuable purpose. Having a meaningful purpose should be much more important to everyone if you consider what a covid-19 pandemic has already demonstrated so far.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. In the online business world, which is extremely challenging for most people to get started, at least it was for me many years ago, and I still think it is; I have learned the ways of the professionals. I am reminded of a book one son gave me, Click Millionaire by Scott Fox. Today, I am a Clickaholic and a ClickMillionaire and I am excited about a productive online future. I have grown an online business from very little cash flow and I have been able to be part of a most satisfying click community. A click community that drives me to create an Income Professional Club so stay tuned while I demonstrate continuous improvement. It is the only way to survive online unless your already on the side of those that control just about all the online traffic in the world.

The above calendar is an example of using a platform from an organization that is surely into controlling traffic flows. FJWI has no problem using effective tools and platforms. However, there are problems in the existing evolution of online traffic platforms. So please look beyond the limited usage of a manual traffic exchange script and do not get caught on the wrong side of traffic manipulation when it comes to promoting your product and services.

"Learn before you earn" - To our online success. FJ World Inc

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