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Please be advised that our system server will be updated on September 27, 2021. There may be some downtime, up to 4 hours near 9:00 PM. These changes will enhance security and provide updated versions of several modules that support various sites managed by FJWI.

Message from Founder I believe in and follow a practice built on core values. Honesty, trust but verify, loyalty, knowledge, facts, respect, professionalism; these are qualities that will become evident as we build our business relationship. So let's get started and work together for a mutual benefit. FJ, October 3, 2019

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MouseTabChanger is an executable file you can download and run on your computer. When it is running your Right Mouse Button click will operate like you did a Control+Tab keys. Doing this can greatly increase your productivity if you spend a lot of time looking at information on many opened tabs in your browser. Also, the Right Alt key is mapped to be the mouse right click. That way you can still access the value of the mouse right click. This program is for Chrome and Edge browsers.

Note: Members can download MouseTabChanger by using the download menu option.

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