ePayTraffic Revenue Sharing Program

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ePayTraffic is about sharing, trading, earning rewards and growing an online income that includes relationship building based on honesty and trust.

Be part of a journey that includes a unique implementation of the LFMTE Manual Traffic Exchange script. FJ World Inc is building a new program that effectively uses select manual traffic exchange sites to build teams of income earners. When you are a player on an ePayTraffic team you get an opportunity to share earnings from sponsored sites. For example, purchase your own license of the LFMTE script from FJ World Inc for $97.00 including extras. The proceeds help fund our revenue sharing portfolios. Our revenue sharing model was initiated in 2016 and continues to generate revenue at reduced risk for all members.

Weekly Promoter Challenge

The site that is currently active in our promoter challenge is displayed via our top banner advertisement. This sponsored ad contributes to the overall success of our membership in generating a cash flow for all members. When active the weekly reward will be available based on result of the current week PromoSlice offer.

Membership Requirement

ePayTraffic - You will need to be an active member on ePayTraffic to benefit from our promoter challenge. You will also need to be a member of the sponsoring site and your upline on the sponsoring site should be FJ World Inc. On the sponsoring site, look at joining the ePayTraffic surfing team. When you are accepted on the ePayTraffic surfing team you will need to follow our Team Building Process


March 3, 2020 - Please contact FJ if your interested in working together.

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Learn Before You Earn

If your interested in an online income, please visit our club website to learn more at IncomeProClub.com